Use the completely Free Clever Daddy Meta Data Repository Builder to perform impact analysis for proposed software changes and to assist your support staff in finding their way around your applications quickly.

  • Scans your application source code to detect database dependancies that are then saved to your project repository databse
  • Easy browser based front end (perform queries, run reports, open files and more)
  • Perform source code searches directly from the front end
  • Find impact of modifying a database or program object.
  • Project repositories stored in sqlite databases, so easy to write your own reports.

Clever Daddy is an ideal support tool for large or Medium sized applications or environments with new support staff and consultancies that are supporting multiple client applications across different environments.

The application is based upon the popular open source sqlite and mongoose projects allowing for a flexible web based user interface. The installation is extremly simple, just unzip the downloaded file and off you go.

To Download and Run Clever Daddy follow these simple steps...

1. Click (or right click and save as) here to download the zip file
2. Unzip the downloaded file into the directory of your choice
3. In the directory containing the clever daddy files,
  double-click the start_clever_daddy.bat file to start clever daddy.
   you might want to create a shortcut to this file.

When the application starts you can click the help option for detailed help or go straight to the create project screen to make your first repository.

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